Katie: Overcoming Fears

Dear David, Ashley and Brooke,

Many, many thanks for the training sessions.  We learned so much and had so much fun at the same time.  Katie is now fun to walk and we enjoy each other so much more. Today we were in the garden and Katie wanted to play and run around as she did with Brooke. She even brought me a stick! And when I called “here” she came and put her cold little nose right on my finger.  She greets my clients and they all notice a big difference.  I think she knows she has graduated because she surprised me by going out by herself when I left the door open for her.  The training  was really well worth it!  In fact I would be interested in doing the social therapy training.  Please send info about that.

Once again, thanks so much and when you are in the area, please come for a romp in the garden.

Katie sends Brooke a big hug and a whoof.  Me too, Sallie

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