How is having my dog trained through PAWS Training Centers different than getting a dog through a non-profit service dog organization?

Clients of PAWS Training Centers reap significant benefits that many reputable non-profit service dog organizations do not offer:

  • 1. The most common is that PAWS Training Centers is able to train clients’ privately owned dogs, assuming those dogs prove to be good candidates. Most non-profit organizations breed and train their own dogs and do not train their clients’ pet dogs.
  • 2.We train dogs for clients of all ages. Sometimes the handler of the dog is not the actual client and is instead the client’s parent, guardian, or caretaker. There are no age requirements for handlers, but they must be able to give cues, corrections, and properly handle the dog throughout each phase of the Service Dog Training Program.
  • 3. Our clients are involved in every step of the training process from the beginning to the end, including lessons that we conduct in our clients’ homes.
  • 4. There are no wait times with PAWS Training Centers. Most non-profit organizations have lengthy waiting lists (sometimes a few years) to receive a dog.
  • 5. Non-profit organizations typically receive a large number of applications, but very few individuals are accepted because there are a limited number of dogs available.
  • 6. Your dog’s training will be customized to your needs rather than having generalized disability mitigation training that may not apply to you.