What documentation do you require for the program?

We require a letter of medical necessity from one of your licensed medical providers, a copy of your dog’s Rabies Certificate (if old enough), documentation of distemper combo vaccination (i.e., DHPP), and documentation of a negative fecal test within the last six-months to commence training. Throughout the course of training, we also need a veterinarian health check letter. In addition to passing all training requirements, to complete the program you must maintain at a least a 6-month relationship with PAWS Training Centers, and your dog must be at least 1 year old, be mentally and physically mature, and be sterilized (spayed/neutered). If you are pursuing certification with an ADI-recognized organization following our program, we also require that you provide us with your dog’s microchip identification number. Click Here for samples of the paperwork needed prior to training.