Types of Dog Training

At PAWS Training Centers, we offer a wide variety of types of dog training, each customized to meet your individual needs.


Service Dog Training

We know there are many great organizations that offer service dogs to those in need.  Unfortunately, the number of dogs needed FAR out number the available dogs, which often creates very long wait times for individuals to receive their service dog.

There are many people who have, or are willing to find, a dog that could be trained as a service dog to fill a need in their family.

We create a customized training plan to teach your dog all the necessary and desired skills in order to mitigate your/your child’s disability.  There are four phases in our Service Dog Training Program: (1) basic obedience, (2) advanced obedience, (3) disability skills training, and (4) public access training.

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Obedience and Therapy Training

Dogs have a natural desire to please their owners, but sometimes they need some extra guidance on how to do that!  We make each training session fun – for us, for our clients and, of course, for the dog!  Each of our trainers has a love for dogs and we will always care for your dog as if they were our own.  Our packages are customized for each unique situation – training done in your own home, or in ours!

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