Cas: Worth Every Penny

We just recently completed the in-home training, offered by David & Ashley, with our 4 year old Pomeranian, Cas.  The training was outstanding, and worth every penny.  Cas is a lovable dog, but had some bad habits, such as jumping up on people, not coming when called, not staying, to name a few.  We had begun Cas’s training as a puppy at Pet Smart, and followed up there with intermediate training.  I worked diligently on the skills taught at Pet Smart,  and the trainers were helpful, but the small group lessons, do not hold a candle to the one on one training that David and Ashley did with us.  We were shown how to get Cas to do what we want, and were able to practice and mimic, while they were in our home.  The lessons left Cas and myself both exhausted.  The results were all we had hoped for.  My husband and I both spent time daily practicing what we learned, and Cas loved it.

David and Ashley were always punctual, attentive to our needs, and encouraged us to call or email whenever we had any questions about Cas’s training.  If I ever have a puppy again, I would skip the small group training, and start out early with David and Ashley.  It’s wonderful having a well-trained dog, who is a pleasure to have out in public and around people and animals with no worries.

Thank You!!!!  Tom, Colleen & Cas

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