Riley: We made it as a Service Dog Team!

I contacted PAWS Training Centers due to my disability. We started training with Patsy and she was amazing. From the beginning Riley and I had a “pet” relationship. At first Riley and I were not a strong team. She didn’t listen to me because I was not a leader in my family. I had no confidence and no assertiveness training with her. I realized I had to step up and complete the homework as we got further through the phases. I realized through Patsy that Riley can tell if I am anxious or unsure. Myself as a person had to change due to the fact that Riley followed and did the cues with Patsy. PAWS Training Centers and Patsy helped me gain the confidence to complete the program. Patsy instilled in me that “I got this” and encouraged me throughout the process. Currently, Riley and I have a very strong team bond. She knows it is time to work when I have her get her harness on. We get compliments on how well she is behaved. Honestly, this is due to Patsy, PAWS Training Centers, and my husband. It is a huge relief on my family that Riley can brace, provide stability, and retrieve. I would recommend PAWS Training Centers to anyone who is serious about having a service dog. You have to keep up with the training during and after you and your service dog become certified. Thank you PAWS Training Centers and thank you Patsy!! You all are awesome!