Kayse Fletcher

About Kayse

Kayse Fletcher has always been an animal lover but she didn’t know the impact her love for them would have on her life until her family rescued their first dog Buttercup. Buttercup came into Kayse’s life as any other family pet would, but soon Buttercup’s role changed.

In 1998 Kayse’s father began having seizures and Buttercup became his closest companion. Though Buttercup naturally offered the emotional support Kayse’s father needed, she was not officially trained as a service dog. In 2007 Kayse began working with a nonprofit service dog organization with the goal of someday training a seizure response dog for her father. Over the course of her training career, her love of dogs has grown to a passion for the change she has seen in a person’s life after experiencing a meaningful bond with a dog.

Kayse is dedicated to methods of positive reinforcement and increased self-worth when working with dogs. She believes that giving consistent and clear expectations encourages a desire to please. She uses her years of experience to teach the importance of overall wellness and balanced health along with the training objectives set with her clients.

Kayse has worked with a wide variety of mixed breeds and purebreds. She understands the behavioral differences among breeds and personality differences based on the individual dog; Kayse uses this understanding to tailor her training programs for utmost success. Due to her experience, Kayse is a supporter of breed equality.

Residing in the canine friendly city of Portland, Kayse lives with her dog-loving husband, 2 rescued mixed breeds and a pit bull.