Kathlyn Ross

About Kathlyn

Kathlyn Ross’ adventures with dogs began at the young age of 7 years old. Kathlyn lived on sixty-four acres of land in the back country of northern California. She had horses, chickens, turtles, and four black lab rescues. With each passing year Kathlyn gained experience from her daily observations watching these dogs roam as a semi wild pack: collar free and never on leash. These experiences planted the seed inside her and blossomed with passion to understand dogs’ behavior in depth and how they are evolving with us. Kathlyn’s family always adopted rescue dogs with behavioral issues and Kathlyn knew she wanted to learn more.

Kathlyn went to college to become a Marine Biologist. As she soul searched to determine if that was the path for her she decided to become a trainer at Sea World in San Diego for the show “Pets Rule”; a show that rescued animals and then trained them to do behaviors on stage. During her time at Sea World, Kathlyn was trained one-on-one by internationally recognized positive reinforcement dog trainers such as Ian Dunbar, Pat Miller, and Karen Pryor. Kathlyn ventured on to help local humane societies rehabilitate dogs as well as run local workshops to help educate the dog parents in the community. Kathlyn was asked to be a trainer for the only dog water rescue team in the country, training dogs to save lives out in the ocean. Prior to working with service dogs, Kathlyn worked with autistic children and was also a caregiver while in college. The knowledge Kathlyn gained from working with helping people and children gave her insight on how a dog could assist a person with a disability. Kathlyn has since trained many service dogs that are now saving lives every day. Kathlyn has enjoyed teaching behavior modification (helping dogs heal from past experiences), basic obedience, Search and Rescue, scent detection, diabetes assistance, seizure response, PTSD dogs, and medical alert.

Kathlyn’s ongoing passion to help people and their dogs is becoming recognized in Colorado where she now resides. The news has interviewed her a handful of times about service dog regulations as well as service dogs in public schools In 2016, Kathlyn started working with a well-known bike manufacturing company in effort to bring productivity up in the work place. Kathlyn’s program, “Bring your Dog to Work Program” has shown that productivity goes up when employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work. The human and the dogs are both happier when they do. Kathlyn comes from a place knowing that dogs are pure beings and so vulnerable in a world lead by humans. Kathlyn always comes from the heart which emanates her passion to help dogs and their owners live more in tuned with one another so day to day life just flows.