Jessica Brady

About Jessica

Jessica loves animals, having asked for multiple types of pets as a kid. When she realized the only pets allowed in her house were fish, her love of animals became a dream and she wanted to work with them in the future. Eventually, her parents gave in to her pleading and got a dog.

Jessica first found out about PAWS Training Centers through the training of her dog, Ariel. Even though Ariel was only being trained for obedience, Jessica and her family saw the effort put into training and the kindness of the trainers. These qualities made Jessica think of them almost a year later when she was looking for something to do in the summer.

Once she started helping out, she realized that PAWS Training Centers went beyond just obedience and began to learn more about the world of service dog training. Realizing the power of service dogs and the impact they make on their owners inspired Jessica, and she continued with PAWS Training Centers throughout her school year, finding time to help out when she could.

Working with dogs has changed her, teaching her patience and problem-solving skills. Jessica has also learned to love helping others and loves to see and hear about how service dogs have changed peoples’ lives for the better. This experience has been amazing and she cannot wait to learn more and continue with dog training in the future.