David Burry

About David

David Burry gained his love for animals and the outdoors at an early age, enjoying long walks with his pet dog in nearby Tyler Arboretum in Delaware County, PA. For David, it brought an inner peace just watching his dog play together with other dogs and observe the way they communicated with each other with their eyes, their ears, their tails, and their posture. And when teaching a new command and observing his dog work-to-please, it was so rewarding to eventually see them figure out exactly what he wanted them to do. He sees them become so happy when praised as they discover the association between the command and the performance that was asked of them. Like most pet owners, training his dog was based on direction from his parents and books.

Much later in life, after two children, two businesses and several other pet dogs and assorted animals David was introduced to a non-profit committed to the belief that their Assistance Dogs change the world one person at a time.

Having the opportunity to work with children and adults with disabilities, seeing them interact and respond with their trained service dogs and knowing from a first-hand experience how these dogs enrich their lives and brighten their day, all of this is an experience that David knew to be a life-changing path in knowing that he would have a part in making a difference and helping others … words cannot begin to describe the visceral emotion that is the culmination of so much effort from so many.

Now David trains dogs for basic obedience, behavior modification, and trains dogs that will ultimately become certified service dogs. He lives at home in pastoral Chester County with two Golden Retrievers, a cat, and two horses.