Charlie: An Amazing Difference

There once was a rescue puppy named Charlie who came into our hearts and home at two months old.  He was so sweet, cuddly, and small.  As he grew he was so much fun but a little too exuberant and with a tail like a whip.  He could not calm himself when company came over. My friends and family would yell, “Ouch!” as his tail whipped their legs.  When we went for a walk with Charlie he would drag us down the street. Also, as we drew near to home, he would spin out of his harness and run around or just lie down and refuse to move.  By this time Charlie was a year and a half old, 75 pounds, and powerfully built.  I was not going to be able to carry him home if he stopped on one of his walks, as he was apt to do. We tried everything from various books including using a water gun and treats, but nothing worked.  Oh boy, what was I going to do?  I couldn’t enjoy my family when they came over.  And by this time Charlie was banned from going to their houses.

My daughter gave me an article to read in the West Chester Times about PAWS Training Centers. We set up an evaluation for Charlie at our house with David and Ashley.  Next, the lessons began and in six short weeks, what an amazing difference!  Week one was heel training.  Charlie started out good but when he got near home he lay on his back and refused to move. But David had him get up and continue heel walking some more.  Amazingly, he did it. At David’s suggestion we set up a kennel for Charlie in our family room to be his “happy place”.  By week four, Charlie went into his kennel for David on command.  He was very resistant at first, but then he did it within ten minutes.  My husband and I could not believe it. We thought, “no way is he going to go in the kennel and stay until he is given the release command”, but he did. Wow! After each week Charlie got better and better and my husband and I got better and better at being consistent with him. We are so thankful for all the help and training from David and Ashley.  Not just for Charlie, but also for us. They have a natural talent with dogs and people.  They are both very knowledgeable, kind and patient.

Now there is a lovable, sweet, big dog named Charlie who is a joy to take for a walk.  He knows a “heel” walk and a “let’s go” walk.  When company comes over he is still very happy but with his mastery of his new commands his behavior is much better. The children love to play ball with him.  He is so much fun.  My family can’t believe he is the same dog.  Oh my, Charlie has one big happy family!

Thanks so much David and Ashley!


Terry and Rich

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