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Luna: Distance Training, Giving Peace of Mind

I was born with a serious hereditary heart condition which worsens over the years, making it harder and harder to perform some of the activities most people do every day without a second thought. My body has tried to compensate by overproducing certain stress hormones to try and maintain a pulse of at least 60… Read more »

Samson: Helping Gain Back Independence

After years of struggling with debilitating physical and psychological symptoms, I moved to Virginia, where I met and married the love of my life. I had made it! I had the life I had worked so hard for, including a support system like no other, a wonderful job, and acceptance into graduate school to pursue… Read more »

Benny: Our lessons are wonderful!

I want to tell you how much Benny and I enjoy working with Kayse and I wanted to take this time to tell how wonderful my last lessons have been with Benny and Kayse. I have shared with her my anxiety over what my perception of the lessons would be like due to my history… Read more »

Duke: We’re inseparable

I’m a combat disabled veteran who served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps and very proud of that fact. I have overcome many challenges in my life from childhood to serving my country to transitioning into the civilian world. It was my last deployment in 2009-2010 that really sent me in a downward… Read more »

Riley: We made it as a Service Dog Team!

I contacted PAWS Training Centers due to my disability. We started training with Patsy and she was amazing. From the beginning Riley and I had a “pet” relationship. At first Riley and I were not a strong team. She didn’t listen to me because I was not a leader in my family. I had no… Read more »

Dillon: In-Training Service Dog

After graduating high school in 2003, I was eager to serve my country. Due to the fact that the president at that time, the honorable President Bush, was not accepting applications from untrained 18-uear-old men for his special task force, I figured the Marine Corps would be the next best option. After nearly a year,… Read more »

Paraclete: A PTSD Service Dog

It was a long and arduous journey which brought Parclete and I together. I’m not talking about my journey of trauma, but the difficulty of convincing military medical to provide the needed endorsement for a service dog. Their argument was that a service dog would hinder my recovery from PTSD, depression, and an anxiety disorder…. Read more »

Gibbs: A Natural Therapy Dog

Honorary Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was a rescue dog from the NCIS agents at Cherry Point Marine Corps Base in North Carolina. He had been a part of a sting in another state and was brought back to North Carolina in hopes of finding a home to adopt him. He was skinny, full of… Read more »

Lucky: Becoming a Mobility Service Dog

Thank you for everything you guys have done to help us train Lucky to be the most perfect dog for our family…especially Matthew. The joy he brings us everyday is endless. Kaitlyn was amazing. She gave me the confidence and patience I never thought I had to deal with training a dog and especially bringing… Read more »

Harper: Selecting & Training a Service Dog

My daughter Julia was in need of a service dog in 2013 to provide emergency medical response for seizure and brain hemorrhage. PAWS Training Centers worked with us to locate the perfect dog for the job and train her. Labradoodle Harper had been raised in a women’s prison service dog training program, and had already… Read more »