Benny: Our lessons are wonderful!

I want to tell you how much Benny and I enjoy working with Kayse and I wanted to take this time to tell how wonderful my last lessons have been with Benny and Kayse. I have shared with her my anxiety over what my perception of the lessons would be like due to my history with anxiety. They were nothing like that at all. Boy was I thankful!

Not only is Kayse an amazing educator and mentor in her field but she is also an outstanding communicator with humans and non humans alike. Her sensitivity and compassion for understanding how to listen and work with us has been fantastic. Her abilities to communicate, educate, and work with clients such as myself with issues have been positively amazing experiences for Benny and myself. Her knowledge of all facets of canines and their world is beyond remarkable to me. Kayse’s demeanor, personality, sense of compassion and humor are just phenomenal. I never have enough great things to say about Kayse.

A special heartfelt thank you from Benny and I to Kayse.

EL and Benny