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Harper: Selecting & Training a Service Dog

My daughter Julia was in need of a service dog in 2013 to provide emergency medical response for seizure and brain hemorrhage. PAWS Training Centers worked with us to locate the perfect dog for the job and train her. Labradoodle Harper had been raised in a women’s prison service dog training program, and had already… Read more »

Sparky: Dog Selection Assistance

Jennifer, Sparky and I are in love! We are a very happy couple! Thank you for everything you have done to make this happen for me!!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LOVE FILLED HEART!! — Cindy.

Goose: Totally Focused

I just want to say that Gemma Soberano and all the trainers are awesome. I have taken Goose to two events this week – one to a pet store with 50 jumping, barking, lunging dogs and puppies and though Goose looked at them he stayed in a heel command and totally focused on me.  Thank you!! –… Read more »

Bailey & Jamie: Perfecting the ‘Quiet’ command

Well it has been a very “QUIET” night here at our household!!! One QUIET command when the deer showed up and no correction needed. The begining of a bark fest at something outside, one correction needed….haven’t heard a peep from either of them since!!! Thank you!!!! – Mary

Vixen: Aggression Rehab

Well yesterday was a CLASSIC Red Letter Day for Vixen!! Dave took Vixen to the Doggie park, let her go, and no incidents occurred! RECAP: No one was lunged at, barked at, growled at, jumped on, or ATTACKED!! Vixen has a great time and actually went home tired and happy…Yahoo Vixen!!…BRAVO, Dave and Ashley, truly… Read more »

Charlie: An Amazing Difference

There once was a rescue puppy named Charlie who came into our hearts and home at two months old.  He was so sweet, cuddly, and small.  As he grew he was so much fun but a little too exuberant and with a tail like a whip.  He could not calm himself when company came over…. Read more »

Jasper: Improved Quality of Life

Hello friends! It has been 2 weeks since Jasper has been home. I have to say that PAWS Training Center has improved our quality of life. I know that’s saying a lot, but the whole family is less stressed and enjoying more activities together. We had a follow up visit from the Chester County crew… Read more »

Katie: Overcoming Fears

Dear David, Ashley and Brooke, Many, many thanks for the training sessions.  We learned so much and had so much fun at the same time.  Katie is now fun to walk and we enjoy each other so much more. Today we were in the garden and Katie wanted to play and run around as she… Read more »

Cas: Worth Every Penny

We just recently completed the in-home training, offered by David & Ashley, with our 4 year old Pomeranian, Cas.  The training was outstanding, and worth every penny.  Cas is a lovable dog, but had some bad habits, such as jumping up on people, not coming when called, not staying, to name a few.  We had begun… Read more »