Amanda Mencer

About Amanda

Amanda Mencer is an enthusiastic team member with an enormous love and dedication to all people and all animals. In a friendly neighborhood inside the suburbs of Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania she lives with her daughter Meadow and other family members. Their three dogs enjoy the property running freely and sun bathing for hours. Since Amanda was a child she has always been fond of animals and has always had a house full of dogs. She is especially trained in English Pointers due to her dad’s fondness for that particular breed. Currently Amanda is enjoying the opportunity to work closely with her dad’s newest English Pointer puppy, Lindsey, by teaching her basic cues and tricks. Amanda has always possessed the patience needed to be a caring and loving advocate when it comes to animals.

As a stay-at-home-mother for 10 years, Amanda has had the honor of playing several roles from running a family business, being a caregiver to her grandparents, tending to the family pets, and being the biggest advocate of her daughter’s Type 1 Diabetes. Amanda has gained and developed various skills being exposed to each role. She is excited to use these skills in her Client Administrator position at PAWS Training Centers. Amanda has a determined personality and will stop at nothing to overachieve goals she sets for herself within the company. Her main focus is driven from the loving and caring temperament she has as an individual. She has maintained the foundation of her home keeping the family at ease and strives to do the same at PAWS Training Centers. She gains motivation through her family and plans to share her love for people and animals with whomever she encounters along the way.