Alice Smith

About Alice

Alice Smith was born and raised in Hampton Roads Virginia and there was always a dog in her home growing up. She credits her parents for her love of dogs because they believed in treating them as family members. When she was old enough, Alice helped with training the family pets.

Several years ago, Alice apprenticed with a local dog trainer and felt she had found her dream job. She was able to combine her love of dogs with her wish to help others. Unfortunately, the apprenticeship didn’t last due to the owner going out of business.

In February of 2016 Alice began volunteering with one of PAWS Training Centers’ trainers and loves working with dogs again. When PTC had a part-time administrative position open up, she applied and was hired. Alice is now thrilled to communicate with all new potential clients as the national Client Services Coordinator for PAWS Training Centers.

Alice earned her Associates of Arts in Human Services Management in 2010 and plans to continue her education. She wants to increase her knowledge of animal behavior and be a PTC trainer.