About Us

Our Story: Becoming Involved with Training Service Dogs

Our 4 original trainers: Gemma Soberano, David Burry, Ashley O’Hara, and Jennifer Kolar, all volunteered together at a non-profit service dog organization. As volunteers working with in-training service dogs in public, they received numerous requests from individuals wanting their own personal dogs trained. An idea began to develop to start a company with various types of dog training. In 2012, Gemma resided in Wilmington, NC, where she began the first PAWS Training Centers’ location. David and Ashley (father-daughter team) started the next branch in West Chester, PA and Jennifer soon followed in Seattle, WA. Although we had initially thought that the majority of clients would want private training for obedience and behavioral training, we quickly realized the great need for service dog training of privately owned dogs. We met with many service dog trainers and clients to develop a one-of-a-kind comprehensive service dog training program to meet the needs of each unique client/dog team. Our vision continues to spread throughout more locations of the country.

Our Training Philosophy

PAWS Training Centers’ trainers use ethical and scientifically-based training methods. We believe that using the least invasive method promotes long-lasting results with your dog’s skills and encourages confidence in every situation. Our goal as trainers is to always listen to the client and the dog, strive to educate ourselves, ask questions of our peers and mentors, and ensure we are using the most positive and productive methods possible. We owe this to ourselves, the dog, the client, and the dog industry as a whole.

The best way to communicate and build a relationship is different with every dog. With a range of dog training backgrounds, degrees, certifications, and specialties, PAWS Training Centers’ trainers know how to design a training plan that teaches the most effective way to communicate with and motivate your dog. We can help you learn and teach your dog desirable behavior while also building a lasting relationship of mutual happiness. PAWS Training Centers encourages and supports continued trainer education in order to promote gentle, effective, fast, and fun ways to train dogs using the most up-to-date information and sound, scientifically-based methods.

More Questions?

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