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Welcome to PAWS Training Centers

PAWS Training Centers is a proud supporter of various nationwide non-profit organizations. Proceeds from PAWS Training Centers’ services are donated to these organizations.

Our Training Philosophy

Dogs thrive in an environment that provides them with structure and communication regarding appropriate behaviors, and in which their need for mental, physical, and emotional stimulation is addressed. PAWS Training Centers advocates training dogs with an emphasis on rewarding desired behavior and changing undesirable behavior with clear and consistent instructions along with methods that both you and your dog will find enjoyable.

We all know that dogs love being in the company of humans; they thrive on relationships. PAWS Training Centers believes that physical or psychological intimidation damages the relationship between humans and dogs and hinders effective training. We believe that you do not need to dominate your dog to provide leadership and guidance. Leadership comes from knowing how to effectively communicate clear and consistent boundaries in ways the dog finds motivating and meaningful.

The best way to communicate and build a relationship is different with every dog. With a collective 100+ years of experience and a range of dog training backgrounds, degrees, certifications, and specialties, PAWS Training Centers’ trainers know how to design a training plan that teaches the most effective way to communicate with YOUR dog. We can help you learn how to teach your dog desirable behavior while also building a lasting relationship of mutual happiness! PAWS Training Centers encourages and supports continued trainer education in order to promote gentle, effective, fast, and fun ways to train dogs using the most up-to-date information and sound, scientifically-based methods.

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