About Us

Welcome to PAWS Training Centers

At PAWS Training Centers we offer the most comprehensive array of dog training services, provided by some of the most experienced and capable dog trainers in the world. We specialize in obedience, behavior modification, therapy and Service Dog training.

We offer a variety of programs tailored to you and your dog’s specific needs. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel a sense of pride everywhere you go with your dog. We want people to ask you how you were able to train your dog to be so well behaved. We want your answer to be “PAWS Training Centers!

What makes us unique?

About us: Our mission is to provide the best dog training solutions in the world while partnering with one of the best Service Dog placement non-profits in existence.

We are proud to be teamed with the paws4people foundation who has been ‘Helping Humanity With Dogs Since 1999’. The paws4people staff breed, train and place Service Dogs to Veterans and Active-Duty Military who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST), as well as adolescents under 14 who suffer from life changing disabilities. PAWS Training Centers donate 100% of all profits to paws4people. The entire PAWS Training Centers family is very proud to be able to support the paws4people foundation and the work they do.

More Questions?

You can always Contact PAWS Training Centers with questions.