Monthly Archives: December 2013

Goose: Totally Focused

I just want to say that Gemma Soberano and all the trainers are awesome. I have taken Goose to two events this week – one to a pet store with 50 jumping, barking, lunging dogs and puppies and though Goose looked at them he stayed in a heel command and totally focused on me.  Thank you!! –… Read more »

Bailey & Jamie: Perfecting the ‘Quiet’ command

Well it has been a very “QUIET” night here at our household!!! One QUIET command when the deer showed up and no correction needed. The begining of a bark fest at something outside, one correction needed….haven’t heard a peep from either of them since!!! Thank you!!!! – Mary

Vixen: Aggression Rehab

Well yesterday was a CLASSIC Red Letter Day for Vixen!! Dave took Vixen to the Doggie park, let her go, and no incidents occurred! RECAP: No one was lunged at, barked at, growled at, jumped on, or ATTACKED!! Vixen has a great time and actually went home tired and happy…Yahoo Vixen!!…BRAVO, Dave and Ashley, truly… Read more »